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Services Overview


Underpinning Contractors - Sussex, London, Surrey, Hampshire, Kent

An under-pinning system is one that transfers the load of a structure to a suitable bearing stratum below ground, while taking into account the possible effects of ground heave like subsidence. Pile Tech offer a full range of house under-pinning systems, and this ensures our proposed solution will be the most appropriate and cost effective to suit your property’s individual circumstances. We place great value in our reputation both with our clients and in the wider marketplace. Ultimately, the success of any project is determined by the quality of personnel undertaking the site work.



Groundworks Contractors - Sussex, London, Surrey, Hampshire, Kent

At PileTech we are able to provide professional bored pile, piling services like nobody else! We’re different to other contractors because we carry out ALL the required work to bring your building back to ground level. Most other contractors do not offer this comprehensive service; they will simply provide the basic services, leaving you to find other people to finish the job, but not us! At PileTech, we will take care of the entire project for you, saving you money, time and hassle. We cover the South East region for quality, professional groundwork foundations for Sussex, Surrey, Kent and London.



Piling Contractors - Sussex, London, Surrey, Hampshire, Kent

Pile Tech offer a full range of foundation support services for your needs, including continuous flight auger (CFA) foundations which are ideal for urban areas and building sites where vibration and noise reduction are important. For most British ground conditions, this is the best solution for new groundwork close to existing structures and PileTech provides a comprehensive and cost effective service using hydraulic driven mounted and suspended auger systems for the job. In most drilled pier foundations, the piers are connected with grade or ground beams.

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