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Facts that You Need to Know About Groundwork Contractors in Sussex

on 15 March 2018

Groundworks contractors Sussex are trained and skilled in the design and development of foundations for buildings and other types of constructions. These professionals are knowledgeable in determining and selecting the proper type of foundation that will ensure the stability and structural soundness of your construction.

A house or building foundation can be described as a system on which a building sits. Without proper foundation, a building runs the risk of eventual damage and collapse—which is why the work that groundworks professionals do is extremely important to the quality and longevity of a construction.

Groundworks contractors Sussex offer expertise in building different types of foundations. A typical house foundation, for instance, makes use of footings that support the floor system and foundation walls. Other types of foundation like concrete, masonry, wooden structures, and pile systems are also employed, especially in situations where the soil is in poor condition and is unable to support necessary loads. Piles are useful when traditional spread footings or concrete foundation walls and masonry are not enough to stabilise a building’s foundation.

Proper foundation design and construction is critical to ensure even distribution of the building’s weight. This reduces the risk of damage to the construction over time. A weak foundation can lead to catastrophic damages over years of use, which is why hiring the right groundwork contractors Sussex should always be a priority when breaking ground on a construction project. Some of the main services offered by piling contractors include housing and building foundations, raising foundations, basements, re-piling, and piling repair. Calling for a piling contractor once you have noticed signs of wear on your building’s foundation is critical to make sure further damage is prevented. Fortunately for homes and buildings with weak foundation, piling contractors can also perform necessary repairs to strengthen and reinforce structures.

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