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Factors to Consider in a Pile Driving Construction

on 22 February 2018

Pile driving in Hampshire is a heavily involved type of groundwork that requires extensive skill and expertise to ensure quality and stability. There are two major types of piles used in groundworks, namely, load bearing and steel piles.

The type of pile used in any construction project is typically passed on the type of configuration, installation technique, and the overall purpose of the construction being built. One of the main factors you should consider in a pile driving undertaking is the type of pile driving equipment to be used for the job.

Several machines and tools are used to facilitate pile driving. Piling rigs, for instance, consist of a series of “leaders” or tabular elements and hard boxes that are placed on a crane base. Leaders support both the pile and the hammer and guide them as the pile is forcefully placed into the ground. A hydraulic attachment allows the forward or backward sloping of the leader, which makes it easier to install a pile series without the need to transfer or move the equipment.

The type of pile driving equipment is a critical consideration when planning pile driving in Hampshire because the availability of machinery or lack thereof can easily drive pile driving costs. Finding a contractor that has the right equipment in their inventory or can readily lease the right kind of machines to facilitate work fast, is important as this will not only impact the cost of your project, but also your overall construction timeline.

Choose a construction contractor that has ample experience in pile driving and the type of ground laying that your particular construction project requires. This way, you can have the advantage of their expertise and the assurance that you are building on a solid foundation. Find a well-rounded company that can cater to all your requirements in pile driving in Hampshire.

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