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Why Piling is a Popular Choice for Building Structure

on 30 November 2017

The base and foundations of a building can run into many problems, even before a construction project begins.

Examples include:

  • A high water table
  • The soil stability has been affected by the water
  • There is a deep trench which needs to be removed
  • The existing trench foundations are unstable
  • Other reasons which are causing the ground to be unsuitable for foundations

If these problems sound familiar, you need to look into piling to help create a strong building structure, and a bright future for your building.

How does pilling work?

Piling is performed to give strength to the building on the ground. To reach the required depth or degree of resistance, Piling is performed by drilling into the ground with the help of hollow steamed continuous flight auger. Cement mix is then pumped down into the ground with the stem of the auger. When the cement mix has reached the ground, the auger is slowly withdrawn, keeping soil upward along the flight. Reinforcement is done to support the load of the tripod piles, micro piles, solder piles, sheet piles and suction piles through specialist architectural concepts and infrastructure concepts.

Length of the Pile

Any professional contractor will have a wide range of pile lengths available, usually ranging from three meters to twelve meters. The length of the pile will depend on the conditions of the ground. If the length of the pile is not sufficient, then in most scenarios, another pile of the same length will be joined with the pile to give strength to the building. The first pile that is used for piling is called “Starter Pile”.

Precast and Cast-in-Situ Pile

Piling can be done in precast pile or cast in situ pile. Usually, for building work the precast pile is used, while cast in situ pile is used for bridge work. We can also say it board piling as the bridge has longer load as compare to building work.

Piling Scope

Piling is the process of giving a strong foundation or base to the building, it requires additional support to keep the building standing. Pilling is advised for the places where soil surface is weak.

Pile foundations are also important for the situations where noise reduction and vibration reduction is necessary. In hydraulic driven, mounted and suspended auger, a long cylinder made of a tough material such as concrete or steel is pushed into the ground. There are companies who are experts in CFA pilling, micro pilling, bored pilling and jet grouting etc. and you should make sure that they have the modern equipment required to carry out the various pilling processes and techniques, before hiring.

Piling is the process of giving a strong foundation or base to the building or bridge. You can choose from many different types of pile to use to have strong base to the building. If you are in need of piling work, you can visit piletech.co.uk for some of the best services in the piling industry.

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