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on 21 December 2017

As an average consumer, you may be unaware of all the processes and terminology found in the construction world. If this is the case, then it would be a good idea to explore the vital information related to construction terms. Furthermore, Piling is widely considered one of the most important terms related to the field of construction.

What is piling?

Piling is the practice of constructing a stable support for structures within metropolitan regions and structural sites. In short, it’s the process for ground treatment which drives a pile into the ground, downward to below ground level. This process is perfect for regions where the surface soil near the building / construction site is weak.

Pile foundation work is extremely beneficial for locations where noise and vibration reduction are highly crucial. It creates the foundation of the construction project, which will help to provide the required support to all types of buildings. Piling is an essential technique that forms a deep base for various kinds of construction work, such as buildings.

When is piling required?

A shallow base is sufficient if the surface is good and it doesn’t have to support large sizes or loads. However, piling has been highly suggested in recent years due to the ground having to often support a variety of building sizes, many of which put a huge amount of weight / stress on the foundation. These heavier foundations are needed for locations with the following conditions:

  1. A high water table
  2. The soil stability is affected by water
  3. The soil layer at the surface is weak
  4. Locations with deep trench foundations from existing buildings, as they are very expensive to remove
  5. The building has concentrated and heavy loads
  6. The structure has unstable existing base trenches
  7. The ground is not stable enough, and requires a foundation that goes beyond 2 meters


Why seek professional piling services?

There are different types of materials that can be used in the piling process. Various piles are used such as steel cased bottom driven, sectional auger mini, contiguous, grout injected continuous flight auger and steel cased grundomat driven piles. Most of the time, a hydraulic-driven mounted and suspended auger system are used to press on a long cylinder manufactured using a solid material such as concrete, steel or wood into the ground.

With a large majority of structures, it is imperative that the basis of said structures are extremely stable, and as such, it’s necessary to make sure that you select the finest material for your project. The specialised professionals in this field provide services and solutions designed to fit the needs of each client’s project. As the underground structural foundation acts as a supporting pillar for the large buildings of several sizes, it is recommended to employ professionals to get a first-rate service and avoid any potential risks.

These experts execute the piling process by using the latest, most advanced technologies and machines at their disposal, to effectively and efficiently perform the piling and foundation techniques. Search for the company that has rich know-how in rotary bored piling, CFA piling, micro piling, and other areas.

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