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Piling is not optional- do it for a steady building structure

on 14 November 2017

Everyone wants their house to be made with a steady and strong structure, and for that piling is of utmost importance. Before the beginning of the construction, you should check on which kind of soil your house or office will be built. If you find that the soil is not suitable enough to take the heavy load of the house/ structure, then piling will be the best option that you can go for to ensure your house’s safety.

Piling is also used for controlling the settlements, as well as helping to spread the structure’s load onto the foundation.

Ensure safety with piling

If you are thinking about building your structure without piling, then you might be making a big mistake. Without piling, in time the structure will surely go weak. Getting piling done is therefore; an extremely important so that the structure stays strong for years, as it is a process for setting deep foundations before the construction work begins.

Sometimes, some structures, especially those in industries or factories that are built near a water source, in such cases, the ground surrounding them could be made of weak or wet soil. So, for these structures, piling is the best option to ensure the safe standing of the structure.

Which type of piling would be suitable?

There are various types of piles, and you should choose wisely to get the best one your needs:

  • Micro piling
  • Jet grouting
  • Auger cast pile
  • Rotary bored piling
  • End bearing pile
  • Friction pile

These piles are made of different materials like wood, steel, and concrete, and are appropriately used per:

  • the needs of the client
  • the quality and condition of the soil
  • the load of the structure

Also, make sure that the contractor you are selecting knows what kind of piling should be used, and has fair experience in the field.

So, piling is an imperative part of the construction and ensures the steadiness of the structure. Even if the soil isn’t made of wet or weak ground, then piling should still be done for that structure with utmost care.

www.piletech.co.uk provides you with the best contractors and engineers for piling. They are experts in their work with years of experience who understand the importance of a structure’s safety. We use the perfect equipment, taking into consideration the structure’s soil and other factors, so there is no need for you to worry about anything as once you choose us, as it’s our job to give you a rock solid structure.

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