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Composite Groundwork - An Economic Solution to Strong Building Base

on 17 July 2017

Getting a building’s groundwork right is the key to a solid foundation and lasting buildings, as every building has to start with the groundwork and laying the foundation stone. Groundwork is important because the weight of the entire building relies on the groundwork and if the groundwork is done at its best, it guarantees the owner peace of mind for the future of the building.

There are many, many companies involved in groundwork in the UK so you need to make sure that you choose the best company for your groundwork.

Importance of groundwork

To make sure that your construction goes smoothly and results in a beautiful building, many specifications should be put in place to make sure that the building is constructed safely, with the correct materials and trained contractors. The said contractors that you hire for the building’s construction should be efficient and skilled to carry out the whole work in an efficient manner. Any kind of risk can be removed by an efficient contractor with a strong basement. Groundwork creates the layout and structure of any type of construction, it gives the strength to the foundation of the building to allow it to bear the weight of the building. A proper drainage system should be planned and executed for the successful completion of any building.

Things to consider before you start Groundwork

Detailed and precise fitting is required for the groundwork. The building contractor should be able to adjust and plan the building of the groundwork to fit your structure’s requirements, regardless of the buildings size. A professional contractor should understand the depth required for constructing a building, as well as understanding the weight and strain the building will encounter and, lastly, they will have to assess the amount of labour that will be required for the groundwork. A skilled, professional contractor should be certified to construct the building. They should be able to provide you with the demolition, proper drainage system, excavation and foundation work. Groundwork is the foundation of the entire building, so it is imperative that it can bear the weight of the building to avoid any mishaps from occurring in the near future. The knowledge, skills and experience separate the everyday workers and the exceptional contractors in the construction industry.

Stages of the Groundwork

There are certain stages with which you must go through while lying the groundwork for the building, which are mentioned below:

  • Ground Investigation- Ground investigation involves past land usage, potential problems and assessment of the ground conditions.
  • Site Clearance- the site should have the clearance from the relevant authorities to construct the building.
  • Substructure and Ground Stabilisation- All work below the underside of the screed or where no screed exists
  • Site Services and Landscaping- It includes the temporary and permanent drainage system, other utilities connections and landscaping (which includes work to remodel the site.)

Groundwork should be done in the hands of a skilled and experienced contractor. Piletech.co.uk is the premium contractor with rich experience in the construction industry to give you a pleasant and satisfactory construction experience.

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