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Learn More about your Groundwork Contractors before Hiring

on 18 August 2017


Groundwork is the inclusion of the basic and final steps for construction of a building and some of the key steps involved in doing construction work which include:

  • Ground investigation
  • Site Clearance
  • Substructure and Ground Stabilisation works
  • Site Services
  • Landscaping

Ground Investigation- Before any groundwork project takes place, there’s a long list good practices and legal requirements that must be conducted by the local authorities which all fall under the ground work investigation. It involves the identification of past land usage, potential problems and stability. The investigation allows for data to be accumulated to ensure an effective design is chosen, to check for any potential issues or defects that the land can have (such as abandoned mine works) and to ensure these issues are addressed. Assessment of the ground conditions includes hydrology, geology, hydrogeology, contaminated land issues and the land’s soil condition.

Site Clearance- As initial preparatory works, the site of the land should be cleared to help support the structure of the future construction. The depth of the land will depend on the many variables, such as if the land is slopping, and giving the contractors enough time to account for these issues and take action, such as levelling the land.

Substructure and ground stabilisation works- The substructure is defined and checked by RICS standards, and all work below the underside or no screed and screed will come under this. Retaining walls can be made of brick, stone or block work, reinforced timber or concrete. Basement excavations include the piling with sheet which is a cheap method of retaining wall constructions. This includes the use of a large hydraulic jack hammer to insert the steel sheet piles into the ground and interlocking them to form a continuous wall.

Site Services- Site services include the permanent and temporary drainage system and other utilities connections. Complex sites may require tunnelling or shaft sinking solutions to enable the cabling and ducts to be installed. Existing services like water and electricity cables are also investigated.

Landscape- Landscape includes the earthling of the building and includes hard landscapes such as black top surfacing of car parks or roads.

Role of Groundwork in building constructions

Groundwork plays an important role in the construction of any building and should be done in the supervision of the professional groundwork contractors. Groundwork has certain processes as mentioned above to perform before starting the construction of the building. There are many groundwork contractors in the UK and many companies are excellent in providing construction services. Proper inspection should always be done before you start any building construction and that is the priority of the groundwork contractors.

We are piletech.co.uk the leading groundwork contractors in the Sussex region and we provide services to a multitude of clients across the UK. You can assess our previous work done for your reference and we are there for you to help with any requirements you may have for ground work construction.

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