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Get the Advantages of Underpinning

on 02 August 2017

Why should Underpinning be done?

Underpinning your foundation allows your home to be easily accessible for correction, inspection and improvement. Underpinning is done mostly on older structures & homes where systems such as the building’s plumbing, insulation system or electrical wiring need to be replaced with modern technologies. There are changes made with water proofing systems in addition to the underpinning itself which help to ensure that the life of dry space is prolonged. Underpinning is also performed to increase the value of the building and can result in long term savings such as reduced energy costs. Finally, this process also helps to improve the foundations strength. 

Benefits of Underpinning your Building : -

Provides Strength to the Foundation- Underpinning helps to improve the building’s foundation by increasing its strength and giving extra support to the base of the building to help it survive against various weather, natural disasters and overall helping the building to stay stable and strong for longer. The strength provided to the foundation of building enhances the lifespan of the building.

Repair the Temporary damages in the Foundation- Underpinning helps in strengthening the foundation and repairing any temporary damages in the foundation that may have been caused by leaks, sink holes, or a plethora of other possibilities. Damages to a buildings foundation can lead to much more costly repairs, or even the fall of the building entirely if it’s not repaired at the right opportunity.

Helps in adding additional stories to a building- As we know that, underpinning helps in strengthening foundations. However, some people have underpinning performed on their structure for an entirely different reason; to add more stories as the building, and to ensure that the building will be able to bear the additional load created by the additional stories, so that they can be successfully added to the building.

Building can bear a higher load- Underpinning is performed on the building, to strengthen it and as such, allowing it to be able to bear a higher load with it.

Help in Easily Replacement of Insulation, electrical and plumbing systems- Underpinning services can be great for easing the process of replacing the buildings insulation, plumbing and or electrical system. There are some home owners who may look for ways to replacing their outdated electrical, plumbing or insulation systems and underpinning can do this perfectly, with it giving additional strength to the buildings base and allowing the systems to be easily replaced.

Gives Strength to Weak Soil Conditions- Sometimes, underpinning services are taken to help a building based on weak soil. Adopting this underpinning will help to strengthen the weak soil condition, providing enough strength to the base of the building to ensure a long-lasting building.

Increased land cost replacement- Underpinning is the best option to save money from the increased cost of the land and building more stories on the present building rather than purchasing another expensive location adjacent to the building.

We are piletech.co.uk the leading underpinning contractor in Sussex, and our company provides underpinning services to strengthen your building. Whether you have weak base conditions for your commercial or residential property, we are there with you for any condition to help resolve your problem through underpinning.

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