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Why you should install Micro Pilings for your restricted access sites

on 26 April 2017

Piling aims to create a steady support for your structure in building sites and urban areas, especially where surface soil is weak. Where heavy planting is not allowed or access is restricted, the foundation for your structure may be constructed using micro piles. Also, known as ‘mini piles’, the solution provides an efficient and reliable alternative to conventional piling solutions, while ensuring minimal vibration. Micro piling is ideal for restricted access sites, as mini piles can be built in less than 2.8m of headroom in different sizes, and within existing walls measuring 400mm.  

Piling contractors in the UK are up-to-date with the latest micro piling methods and equipment to monitor ground conditions and to make sure that the solution can keep the structure stable and safe. Restrictions to noise, proximity, and access to other structures could affect your construction project. In that case, you may want to use micro piles, which can be between 75mm to 600mm in diameter. Micro piling is typically used for underpinning, but they are useful in creating foundations for bridges, transmission towers, and highways, too. They are not merely used in restricted access sites, but at sites with environmental sensitivity, too. Micro pile installation is achieved using methods like impact driving, jacking and drilling, or with screwing or vibrating machinery.

Some micro piles are typically steel driven tubes ranging from 100mm to 220mm. Certain applications may require micro piles to be bored cast in situ, with diameters ranging from 250 to 350mm. Rigs may be applicable to restricted sites with restrictions in height and width. Micro piling contractors will determine and verify your site’s conditions before proceeding with micro pile installation. Tripod installation can be recommended as an alternative to micro piles if the restricted access sites will do better with steel-driven piles that are up to 350mm, and bored piles that are up to 450mm inserted into depths of around 45 metres.

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