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Things to Consider While Mini Pilling in London

on 12 August 2016

Mini-piling (or sometimes micro-piling) is a kind of deep foundation construction technique which is used to achieve sound foundations for heavy structures in soils of highly uncertain behaviour. Mini-piles usually measure three to ten inches in diameter. The capacities these piles can be subjected to vary with superstructure load and soil conditions. These piles are mostly used where the soil conditions do not permit construction of heavy structures, or where the soil has high tendencies of upheaval and shrinkage. Piles in such cases work as a pin that holds the structure in place while the soil conditions change.

If your construction engineer suggests the use of mini pile then here’s a quick round up of the installation process –

Installation of cast-in-situ mini-piles can be done in simple steps. The first step consists of drilling a cavity in the ground where the pile is to be inserted, and lowering a casing in the cavity simultaneously. The second step consists of lowering of the foundation bar (typically made of reinforcing steel) into the casing. In the third step, concrete or cement is grouted in this assembly to fill the gap. The last step consists of capping this foundation at the top to prevent degradation of materials.

There are some pointers that the construction professionals need to keep in mind while driving the piles in, in order to ensure efficient and flawless transfer of loads from the superstructure to the ground.

  • Alignment – It is extremely important to ensure that the alignment of the foundation components is as designed. While lowering the casing and the bar, it should be ensured that they are perfectly vertical. If not, it could result in the creation of a weak link in the foundation.
  • Damage – While logistic operations and handling of pre-cast mini-piles, it is important to preserve their structural integrity in order to achieve a safe foundation.
  • Grout mix – While installation of mini-piles, the concrete mix designed should be workable enough to be pumped into the casing with perfect homogeneity.

Keeping the above three basic points in mind while constructing a pile foundation will ensure the construction of a safe superstructure, which shall successfully stand the test of time in the long run, no matter how uncertain the status of the subsurface stratum becomes.

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