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What Is the Function of Piling?

on 18 January 2017

There are times when the soil at the footing or foundation of a structure will be too weak or highly compressive to provide enough support, but that should not prevent you from proceeding with your project if you use the right pile foundation. Piling transfers the load of the structure to a material that can handle more weight and stress.

It encompasses the very basis of building or construction, since it provides the essential support a structure needs to remain upright. With piling, deep foundations will be set to ensure stability for the construction work. Having the right equipment and pile type is essential to the success of piling.

There are different materials that are used for piling. Concrete, steel, and wood are conventional choices. However, there are newer materials that are considered environmentally friendly and suitable in certain applications, such as urban areas or when constructing near an existing structure. Continuous flight auger (CFA) foundations are ideal for building sites and urban areas where noise and vibration must be reduced. It is suitable for most ground conditions in Britain, too. The efficient method used some piling contractors in London for CFA is cost-effective and can be accomplished using suspended auger and hydraulic driven mounted systems. In drilled pier foundations, piers are linked using ground or grade beams.

Piling involves the insertion of large amounts of the preferred material (i.e. CFA, concrete, steel, or wood) into the soil. Piles must be inserted deeply into the ground to ensure a sturdy base for the structure. Piling ensures that the structure will stand for a long time and endure any form of stress or additional weight it may experience throughout its service life. To ensure the efficiency of the pile foundation, contractors must plan, measure, and study the ground conditions before recommending the right solution for your project. Piling contractors typically examine the soil condition before they begin. If, for instance, they find wet soil, they may recommend CFA instead of steel, metal, or wood.

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