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Benefits of Hiring Reliable Piling Contractors in the UK

on 18 January 2017

The longevity and stability of a structure can be attributed to its foundation. Piling is a deep foundation that works to transfer the structure’s load to a deeper level in the ground. Unlike conventional shallow foundations, piling involves driving vertical columns of wood, steel, concrete, or a combination of those materials deeper into the ground to provide additional support to the structure.

Hiring reliable piling contractors in the UK makes sense if you want to ensure high-quality results and a reliable solution that will keep your structure stable and sturdy in the long run.

You may need to hire piling contractors in London or in another part of the UK if you find that the ground or soil conditions are inappropriate or potentially dangerous to the integrity of your structure, such as when the soil type can easily be affected by moisture or water, the existing foundation trenches have become unstable, or if the ground is not ideal for more than two metres. You will need piling contractors in the UK in the event of a high water table. Locally based piling contractors know and understand most British ground conditions. Hence, they can easily recommend and provide the best piling solution, whether for a new or an existing construction.

Reliable piling contractors in the UK can recommend newer piling techniques and materials for certain applications. For example, they can recommend continuous flight auger (CFA) foundations if your structure is in an area where vibration and noise can be a problem. The same piling method is suitable for new groundwork near existing structures, too. Augercast piles are formed by using a hollow stemmed continuous flight auger to drill into the ground. Casing is not required, and the cement grout mix is pumped directly down the auger’s stem, while the auger is gradually withdrawn. Reputable piling contractors can provide a cost-effective and comprehensive service using suspended auger and hydraulic driven mounted systems for your project.


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