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Four Functions of Pile Foundation

on 22 December 2016

A pile foundation is composed of two components: a single or a group of piles and the pile cap. Piles are typically slender and long materials with lengths that can exceed 15 metres, and they transfer the load from the structure to the rock, soil, or strata with high bearing capacity.

They are usually made from steel, wood, and concrete, depending on the project’s requirements, but there are environmentally friendly alternatives, like CFA (continuous flight auger), too. The following is an overview of the four major functions of a pile foundation:

  1. To strengthen the foundation - Pile foundations may be required when there is insufficient soil bearing capacity for a structure. Poor soil bearing capacity is typically caused by the condition of the soil, or the bottom layers, operational conditions, conditions at the construction site, and the type of loads the foundation must handle.

  2. To reduce vibrations and noise – CFA piling is ideal for building sites and urban areas where noise and vibration reduction are crucial. It is the best solution for the groundwork that must be established near existing structures. That’s way, piling will not affect the surrounding structures and the stability of their foundations this technique is used by several piling and groundworks companies in Kent and other parts of the UK.

  3. Increase the safety of high loaded structures – A pile foundation is ideal for structures that tend to have a heavy or high load. It ensures that the bearing capacity of the soil can withstand the structural load of a building or any form of construction. Piles are driven into the soil to offset the loads from the building to a high bearing rock stratum or soil.

  4. To enable construction in low bearing capacity soils – As long as the right piling materials are used, the loads from the structure can be transferred to soil or rock stratum that has the higher bearing capacity. A reputable and experienced piling specialist should be able to recommend the right pile foundation technique for your project.
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