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02 Aug

Why should Underpinning be done?

Underpinning your foundation allows your home to be easily accessible for correction, inspection and improvement. Underpinning is done mostly on older structures & homes where systems such as the building’s plumbing, insulation system or electrical wiring need to be replaced with modern technologies. There are changes made with water proofing systems in addition to the underpinning itself which help to ensure that the life of dry space is prolonged. Underpinning is also performed to increase the value of the building and can result in long term savings such as reduced energy costs. Finally, this process also helps to improve the foundations strength. 

17 Jul

Getting a building’s groundwork right is the key to a solid foundation and lasting buildings, as every building has to start with the groundwork and laying the foundation stone. Groundwork is important because the weight of the entire building relies on the groundwork and if the groundwork is done at its best, it guarantees the owner peace of mind for the future of the building.

16 Jun

Underpinning is a method which is used to increase the depth of the foundations as well as helping to repair the current, faulty foundations. This a smart move to make for your building, especially if you plan to add additional stories to a pre-existing structure. 

16 May

It’s rare that someone believes that they should ‘wait till the building become shaky or lose its balance’ before taking corrective action to help bring the building back to its former glory. A majority of people want to take action as soon as a fault appears, and as such, constructors came up with Underpinning systems to repair any faulty buildings or to improve their base depth.

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