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14 Nov

Everyone wants their house to be made with a steady and strong structure, and for that piling is of utmost importance. Before the beginning of the construction, you should check on which kind of soil your house or office will be built. If you find that the soil is not suitable enough to take the heavy load of the house/ structure, then piling will be the best option that you can go for to ensure your house’s safety.

16 Oct

Before starting with the construction of any structure, many things are taken into consideration including the preparation of sub-surfaces. Hence, examining the whole area before the construction begins and then preparing it for construction, is known as the process of groundwork.

14 Sep

Before commencing anything major like construction, one investigates thoroughly taking into account the factors that may affect the construction in that particular area. This thorough examination followed by the preparation for construction to commence is called groundwork.

18 Aug


Groundwork is the inclusion of the basic and final steps for construction of a building and some of the key steps involved in doing construction work which include:

  • Ground investigation
  • Site Clearance
  • Substructure and Ground Stabilisation works
  • Site Services
  • Landscaping
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