"Taking the Weight" of Your Projects
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Email: info@piletech.co.uk

We offer a full range of foundation building services for your needs, including the continuous flight auger (CFA) piling and bored piling. CFA foundations are ideal for urban areas and construction sites where vibration and noise reduction are important.

An under-pinning system is one that transfers the load of a structure to a suitable bearing stratum below ground, while taking into account the possible effects of ground heave such as subsidence. Pile Tech offer a full range of house underpinning systems, and this ensures our proposed solution will be the most appropriate and cost effective to suit your property’s individual circumstances. We place great value in our reputation, both with our clients and in the wider marketplace. Ultimately, the success of any project is determined by the quality of personnel undertaking the site work.

This is particularly the case with structural foundations as, once completed, the works are very quickly covered with back-filled spoil. Local authority engineers and/or other external supervisory organisations are rarely able to check all the works before they are covered up. We employ the highest level of on-site supervision in the UK underpinning industry. We rely on our highly trained staff to produce high-quality on-site based work. Most importantly, the pride of our crews in being the best in the business gives our customers the secure knowledge that our work will always be completed to the highest standards.

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